Skunk Ape Cannabis UK

£8.00Per Gram

Skunk Ape Cannabis UK

Buy Skunk Ape Cannabis UK – The Skunk Ape strain is a pure Indica weed that resulted through crossing the cross of Las Vegas Purple Kush and Original Glue. The strain is a child of celebrity parents and has also gained popularity among medical patients for its mellow effects and delicious taste.

With the terpene profile dominated by limonene and geraniol, Skunk Ape has a citrus taste and spicy herbal aroma featuring notes of skunk and flowery exhale. This cannabis bud provides mellow euphoria that is very relaxing in nature, warming every part of the body with high waves and leaving them fully sedative by the end. This is why this strain is recommended for nighttime use to better sleep and unwind after a long day. Skunk Ape marijuana contains 18-20% THC, which is high potency that is suitable only for veteran smokers.

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