Rolex Marijuana Hash UK

£15.00Per Gram

Rolex Marijuana Hash UK

Buy Rolex Marijuana Hash UK Online. Another fine domestic hash, Rolex Hash is processed using AAA+ British Columbian grown weed. Users may notice that many domestically produced hashes can be different than traditional hash.

This is because the most domestic hash is pressed with heat and immense pressure to create a final product that is malleable, easy to use, and long-lasting. Hash artists begin their process with freshly harvested and frozen indica flowers, from which frozen THC trichomes are collected and separated from other un-wanted plant matter before being pressed and stamped with a seal of quality assurance.

From there, these bricks of pure THC are cured in cool, optimal conditions which allow for the development of more robust, earthy flavors and a smoother, delicate smoking experience. The terpene profile of Rolex Hash is similar to many notorious West Coast strains such as BC Kush, Master Kush, and Rockstar.


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