Rare Dankness 1 Weed Strain UK

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Rare Dankness 1 Weed Strain UK

Buy Rare Dankness 1 Weed Strain UK – The Rare Dankness #1 strain is a potent weed that is quite popular because of its strong effects that hits your nervous system quite quickly. Its potency rate is very high for beginners and can overwhelm them.

If you are looking for an easygoing strain, this one is not your safe bet because the THC content averages at 22% which is a gnarly amount. Well-experienced smokers are the ones recommended to take on this powerful strain but here is a detailed review that will outline the qualities and characteristics of this weed:

The story behind Rare Dankness

Indica is the most prominent type of marijuana in this hybrid weed because it has a 75:25 dominance over sativa. There is quite a history in the development of this strain because it has more than two marijuana types mixed in its lineage.

The Rare Dankness #1 genetics have three different strains in its lineage and those are Chemdawg, Triangle Kush and Ghost OG. These three strains infused the potent THC level in this one and made it Indica-dominant giving off the strong effects of this type of marijuana.

What are the effects of Rare Dankness ?

It is no mystery why it is labeled as number 1, the effects of this weed are very effective and hit the nervous system fast and hard.

After a long day that completely drained you physically, this weed can help calm your mind and get enough physical and mental rest. The results will be a body high you can feel as well as relaxed feelings with spirits uplifted and happy.

Medical benefits of this strain

The effects of the Rare Dankness #1 have made this strain prime for medical benefits. It possesses great medical effects that help ease and treat different kinds of pain. It caters to almost all invisible wounds because it helps ease inflammation, chronic joint and back pain, headaches, and other physical body ailments.

Other ailments that are patched up by this weed include mental wounds caused by psychological and emotional trauma. That includes chronic stress, depression, PTSD and insomnia which bother many people.

Negative effects

Just like other kush on the market, Rare Dankness #1 has its own side effects but they are common with those that are incited by other types of marijuana. They include having a dry mouth and eyes, and you might also feel some pressure at the back of the latter which will cause sleepiness.

Your limbs will also feel numb and heavy and in this case, you have no option but to get enough rest. That makes it important for you to smoke in a familiar place with a good resting place and the kush may not be suitable to use during the day.

Negative side effects of the medicinal applications

When using it for medical purposes, you might feel some side effects but they are not harmful as the ones contracted from most pharmaceuticals. In fact, they are not long-lasting or permanent but they only last a while and they include:

  • Some anxiety when smoking in an unfamiliar place. That anxiety might cause the user to seem a little bit paranoid because of the symptoms it manifests.
  • Users will also experience some drowsiness and dizziness when smoking this strain.

Why should you choose this Rare Dankness?

The Rare Dankness number 1 pot is a one of a kind strain but you may also be wondering, what is so special about this weed?


Its first peculiarity is the way it looks which is quite unique because buds are grape-shaped with a variety of colors. The base color is olive green and then it has some purple undertone hints.

Smell and Aroma

You can enjoy the berry fragrance this marijuana releases when it is smoked. The sweet aroma can be smelled from the get-go when you open the bag but the fruitiness gets bolder when it gets sparked.


The flavor of this kush complements the smell and aroma it has because it has fruitiness leaning towards fresh berries. It leaves a sour aftertaste once you have exhaled that is caused by one of its parents in the lineage, namely the Chemdawg strain.

Who is more suitable to smoke Rare Dankness?

Now that you have determined what is Rare Dankness #1 and have the reasons to try it out, you should know who is more suitable to smoke this strain.

Unfortunately, it is not advisable for beginners to try starting out with this strain because of the effects can be overwhelming. The THC content is quite potent and might be too much for beginner smokers. Here is a list of experienced smokers better suited to smoke this strain:

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