Poison Haze Cannabis Strain UK

Poison Haze Cannabis Strain UK

£9.00Per Gram

Poison Haze Cannabis Strain UK

£9.00Per Gram

Cannabinoid THC Dominant

THC 21 – 24.25%

CBD 0.15 – 0.36%

Effect Sleepy

Side Effect Dry eyes

Flavor Sweet


Poison Haze Cannabis Strain UK

Buy Poison Haze Cannabis Strain UK – Poison Haze comes from the Durban Poison which is a pure Sativa landrace strain that comes to you straight from Durban, which is in South Africa.

As a matter of fact, there is no official historical source that would prove that Haze Pokemon comes directly from that location but the fact that its original herbal parent, the Durban Haze, and the place of origin are cognominal, there is no other choice but to accept this version. The rumors also have it that it was Ed Rosenthal, a medical cannabis activist from the 1970s who managed to discover this strain and thus brought it to the United States.

The lineage of Poison (Pokemon) Haze strain

When it comes to talking about the lineage of this wonderful strain, it should be acknowledged that there is actually a lot to be surprised about. Despite being a herbal descendant of the Sativa lineage, the Poison Haze Strain starts working even before the consumer ingests the thick smoke. Everybody knows that the first blunt of the day always makes you cough. Well, if you would like to try this strain get ready for sensing the effect immediately.

There might as well be some side effects, such as a headrush or intensified blood pressure in one’s temples and in the area around the eyes. Nonetheless, as soon as the consumers get used to this state, they start feeling the so-called advancement of their thoughts. The cerebral activity is being boosted, and the ideas, phenomena, and concepts which would have otherwise not drawn the consumer’s attention become fairly interesting and captivating.

Poison (Pokemon) Haze Strain Effects

Well, talking about the effects, this strain is the champion of the champions because the things it does to one’s mental and physical activity are simply insane from a positive point of view. So, let’s pay more attention to each of them.

Categorical thinking

Get ready for some truly interesting ruminations because Haze Pokemon is going to make you think about the things that you have, probably, never thought about before. Even the topics that are completely unrelated, like, for example, the Super Bowl and school uniforms.

Increased productivity

While this effect is a purely situational one, it should be acknowledged that the Poison (Pokemon) Haze Strain can help you get through some truly complicated work-related tasks. That is, you might start seeing the ways of their resolution that have been densely covered under the opaque blanket of limited outlook.

Making things interesting

There is surely no person in this world to consider home chores to be a fascinating way of spending their free time. Well, the Haze Weed Strain has got you covered. It may help you see how interesting it is to do laundry or mow your lawn.

Increased physical activity

Besides boosting up your mind, there is that special Pokemon go Poison effect that might also bring your body to work. You will feel an incredible charge of energy floating all over your body and motivating you to do a lot of things at once.

Good vibes

One of the effects of the Haze Weed Strain that should be singled out is its positive impact on social situations. This strain might become the source of positive vibes in the company of friends. Also, it may help you start a lot of positive conversations leading to a truly in-depth self-analysis.

It wakes you up

Even though Poison Haze is being recommended for daily intake, it can also become a great substitute for your morning coffee as it shall definitely charge you with the right amount of energy to start your day.

Medical Appointments For Poison (Pokemon) Haze Strain

There is a whole range of reasons that justify such widespread usage of this strain in medicine as it can be helpful with a lot of mental and physical ailments.


There is no person in this world who would have not felt depressed at least once in their lifetime. Or they have been depressed but did not know about it because of the social pressure imposed on those who want to speak about their mental health. Well, Poison (Pokemon) Haze Strain has been classified by the consumers as a good method of dealing with daily stress thus preventing oneself from the evening and nocturnal panic attacks.


A splitting headache is something all adults have to deal with. Regardless of the causative factors, it is a condition that prevents people from leading normal life. Poison (Pokemon) Haze Strain has been known for its migraine-suppressing properties for a long time. Even though it does not deprive people of a chronic form of this disease, it helps them deal with the targeted attacks of this enemy.


One more positive physical effect that the Poison Haze Strain has on the human body is the suppression and prevention of nausea. Thus, this strain might be explicitly helpful for people with weak vestibular apparatus.


Feeling stressed is nothing else but the neoteric religion of the 21st century. The city lights and ads on social media are ubiquitously screaming that you have to advance your knowledge, work, learn, and work once again in order to earn your spot under the sun. Well, hopefully, one manages to achieve this point before he dies because constant stress is one of the pivotal causative factors of heart attacks. Thankfully, Poison Haze Strain helps people deal with the stress adversities quite efficiently.

ADHD Symptoms

As a matter of fact, it seems quite opaque to understand why the United States has not embarked upon the omnipresent legalization of medical cannabis in all of its states given the number of veterans in this country. Medical cannabis, and Poison (Pokemon) Haze Strain has been reported to be a powerful weapon when it comes to fighting with the ADHD symptoms.


It would have been unfair not to mention the negative effects of Poison (Pokemon) Haze Strain that the consumers might encounter. First of all, it might make you feel a little bit dizzy and feel that your eyes went dry which is quite common for every breed of medical cannabis. Moving on, the fact that this Sativa is dominated by THC can serve as an explanation of the fact that it might make you feel a bit paranoid and anxious. Finally, a slight sensation of dizziness is another negative effect that might be inflicted upon a consumer of Poison (Pokemon) Haze Strain.