OG Bubba Marijuana Strain UK

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OG Bubba Marijuana Strain UK

Buy OG Bubba Marijuana Strain UK – OG Bubba is considered to be one of the best Indica strains for nighttime use with a THC rate that can reach 25% and a CBD content rate of just under 1%. OG Bubba strain is a child strain of Ghost OG and Pre 98, Bubba Kush, with 100% Indica.

That is why this weed is good for nighttime use because it will make you fall into a heavy sleep. This cannabis strain can help to relieve such conditions: as anxiety, depression, insomnia, or chronic pain. Eventually, this weed will make your limbs numb, therefore it is good for severe chronic pain.


You will have a couch-lock high and won’t be able to do anything after smoking OG Bubba strain. Beginners might find this kush a little bit overwhelming because of the numbing effects. So if you do choose on smoking OG Bubba weed strain for the first time, take a small dosage.


Giggly icon
Giggly 88% Voted
Talkative icon
Talkative 53% Voted
Euphoric icon
Euphoric 41% Voted


Pine icon
Pine 89% Voted
Woody icon
Woody 67% Voted
Earthy icon
Earthy 67% Voted

Side Effects

Panic attacks icon
Panic attacks 91% Voted
Low blood pressure icon
Low blood pressure 91% Voted
Concern icon
Concern 55% Voted

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