Northern Lights Weed Strain UK

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Northern Lights Weed Strain UK

Buy Northern Lights Weed Strain UK – The Best Northern Lights strain is 100% Indica. This classy strain contains 14-18% THC. Due to its stable genetics, many growers around the world decided to use it as the cornerstone for hybrids that later became famous, respected, and re-produced.

Aroma and Flavor

You can expect a mix of woody and piney aroma when you crush the nugs, though the scent can be a bit pungent that reminds you of the classic ganja smell. Once you open the bag, except that the whole room will start smelling of pine trees and wood resin, which is the result of a high concentration of terpenes. Upon smoking, the overall flavor is in favor of the earth/pine flavor. When you exhale, you will notice the touch of sweetness in the aftertaste.

Typical Effects

One of the reasons why Northern Lights strain has world-wide respect is because of its unique mix of body and head high. While it does not share classic Afghani characteristics like Kush strains, it provides you with the overall relaxation of your body and mind. As if you were in a bubble of euphoria. Your movement and mind stay focused and synchronized, but you will feel a slight blissful vibration around your body. Users report such effects:

Like any other cannabis example, this one also has its unique medical qualities that have been used for producing other hybrids. It helps with relieving the symptoms of such conditions:

One of the crucial Northern Lights strain information, or any other cannabis review is the presence of side effects, which can ruin the overall experience. In this case, we can comply on:

  • Dry mouth
  • Red eyes
  • Paranoia

Northern Light strain fans also recommend the Gelato weed, it has the same THC level and the same relaxing effect, but different taste.

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