LITTO Disposable Vape Set 1 gram UK



LITTO Disposable Vape Set 1 gram UK

LITTO Disposable Vape Set 1 gram – Litto makes premium and super potent cannabis disposable vapes that will knock your socks off! Also available in infused and exotic strains!

Set includes battery and cartridge all-in-one. The battery is not reusable once the cartridge is finished.

  • 1 gram
  • Sleek design with discrete packaging
  • Lab tested
  • Solvent-free and pesticide free
Size 1 gram

UK –

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(HYB) Cherry Pie – Infused (75.40% THC), (HYB) Gelato (83.18% THC), (HYB) Gushers – Exotic (82.02% THC), (HYB) Strawnana (80.53% THC), (IND) Blueberry Kush – Infused (76.07% THC), (IND) Grape God (87.02% THC), (IND) Purple Punch (83.82% THC), (IND) Runtz- Exotic (82.59% THC), (IND) Skywalker OG (84 03% THC), (SAT) Blue Dream (80.51% THC), (SAT) Maui Wowie (34.27% THC), (SAT) Strawberry Haze – Infused (82.00% THC)