Hogs Breath Weed Strain UK

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19 – 22%


0.23 – 0.53%


0.25 – 1.07%


Pungent, Butter




Hogs Breath Weed Strain UK

Buy Hogs Breath Weed Strain UK – Hog’s Breath, The Hog, or Hawgsbreath is pure Indica. This particular strain took first place in the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2002, despite the “wet dog” smell. The Hog is considered to be the breeder.

Hogs Breath Strain Review – ‘The Hog’ is an Awesome But Clones-Only Weed

Its smell is really specific and can turn some people away from it. Due to the pungent smell of the bump, users do not want to try it. However, the smoke puffs a little nicer, including a strange combination of cheese, citruses, and a little earth.


The THC level is approximately 22.5%. Hogs Breath strain is powerful, but beginners rarely use it. In fact, the effects combine energy and relaxation at the same time. This Indica raises frustration and gets rid of dark thoughts. Many fans of this weed even claim to deal with nightmares. It also fights anorexia and nausea, causing hunger.

Medicine often uses Hogs Breath weed strain. It helps in some ailments such as insomnia, chronic pain, ADHD, stress, migraines, depression, fatigue. Side effects include dry eyes and mouth, as well as mild anxiety and paranoia.a