Gummy Bear OG Weed Strain UK

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Gummy Bear OG Weed Strain UK

Buy Gummy Bear OG Weed Strain UK Online. This is a medical marijuana strain that was bred by crossing three parents, namely Jillybean X Bubblegum X OG Kush Cannabis strains. The plant looks bright green colored covered by orange-colored-haired nugs. These nugs are covered by something that gives the candy sour flavor. This comes under the indica dominant variety. This strain would give the users the sugary sweet candy flavor which would taste like wine concord grapes.

In addition, there will be a mild touch of fir trees combined with hints of juicy strawberries. Similar to the taste, the aroma that is given off by this strain will also be candy-like. The effects that are being produced by this strain will be energizing and immediate. This strain is proven to relieve the symptoms of fatigue.

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  1. Samuel (verified owner)

    This is easily the best deal going. Get 2 great bags at a great price. Pretty much my standard order now.

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