Goodies Pineapple Express Delta-8-THC Disposable Vape


Goodies Pineapple Express Delta-8-THC Disposable Vape

Buy Goodies Pineapple Express Delta-8-THC Disposable Vape Online UK – This Delta-8-THC Disposable Vape is a succulent Sativa strain and has a sweet, citrus, tropical aroma paired with notes of cedar and pine.  Consumers have reported feeling energetic and enthusiastic, yet soothed when using this product. This rechargeable vape does not require a separate battery. Each 1 ml disposable Delta-8-THC vape contains approximately 900 mg Delta-8-THC distillate and is made with botanical-derived terpenes.

Strain: Sativa
Effects: Energetic, Enthusiastic, Soothed
Flavors: Sweet, Citrus, Cedar, Pine

Botanical Derived Terpenes
These terpenes are typically made of terpenes sourced from plants other than cannabis and may also contain flavorings. They will have a more artificial flavor taste that is great for those who dislike the earthiness of CDTs (Cannabis Derived Terpenes). They also tend to have far less smell than CDTs when used.

What is Delta-8-THC?
Delta-8-THC is another cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant.  Unlike other cannabinoids such as CBD, CBG, or CBN, for example, Delta-8-THC has psychoactive effects.  These psychoactive effects are similar to those of Delta-9-THC, which is what is found in higher concentrations in marijuana.  Some consumers think of Delta-8-THC as marijuana’s “little brother”.

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