Gas Cannabis Strain UK

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Gas Cannabis Strain UK

Buy Gas Cannabis Strain UK – If you’re a fan of Indica, you’ll definitely like the gas weed. Created by the popular Loompa breeder at the Clouds farms in California, this strain is known for its amazing, mood-lifting effects on those who consume it. That is why this cannabis strain is also known as the laughing gas. To answer the question of what is a gas weed, in other words, this is a pick-me-up strain with known medical applications.

What Are The Reasons To Choose The Gas Strain

Everything from its looks to its flavors makes this strain highly attractive. The most important reason why people choose the gas strain is, of course, the effects it has on their brain and body. That being said, here is some characteristic of this weed:


Light green buds with amber hairs, transpare nt trichomes.

Smell and Aroma

Gasoline-like aroma.


When smoked, this strain tastes of lemon and pine with a slight diesel undertone.

Due to the sedative and recreational properties of the strain, this particular weed can be used by everyone who needs an enthusiastic boost, a way to calm down the nerves, or eases some pain symptoms.

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