Dosi Kush Live Resin Sauce UK

£20.00Per Gram



Dosi Kush Live Resin Sauce UK

Buy Dosi Kush Live Resin Sauce UK – Dosi Kush is an Indica-dominate Hybrid live resin sauce that boasts a fruity and petrol aroma with powerful effects.

Hit by the subtle taste of fresh earth and mint, the palate is overwhelmed with a smooth and earthy flavor profile. A dab of these gassed-up extracts is rewarded with an intense lemon and pine flavor that has a distinctly fuel-filled exhale.


Both long-lasting and vibrant, a dab of these full-throttle extracts provides a persuasive and easygoing high for the knowledgeable consumer. Best utilized as a post-work indulgence, a dab of Dosi Kush alleviates minor bouts of physical discomfort and allows for the relaxed mindset to flourish.