Dark Star Weed Strain UK

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16.67 – 18.33%


0.3 – 0.5%


0.25 – 1.21%


Pungent, Pine



Dark Star Weed Strain UK

Buy Dark Star Weed Strain UK – The origins of the Dark Star Kush aren’t clear; however, it’s a hybrid that was originally bred two highly popular and regarded strains, the Purple Kush and the Mazar-I-Sharif (second-place winner of the 1999 High Times Cannabis Cup Best Indica). It has a composition of THC at 16%, CBD at 1.80%, Sativa at 0%, and   Indica at 99%

Appearance, Taste, and Fragrance

What you immediately notice about the Dark Star CBD is its dense round terpenes that are coated in gleaming trichomes., indicating clearly that Dark Star Cannabis is a resinous plant. This makes it aesthetically pleasing even in a bag.

However, regardless of its great looks, Dark Star strain underperforms when it comes to its odor. It isn’t complexly mesmerizing; nevertheless, its pungent earthy smell with a hint of pine is not repulsive either.

On the plus side, the Dark Star strain tastes better than it smells, and most people who have used this strain would agree that its blend of grape or berry makes it pleasant.

Effects of Dark Star Weed Strain

The Dark Star weed is not generally considered as a heavy hitter. It has a THC content of %19, but that doesn’t mean it’s too shabby either. Frequent users agree that the best way to use this strain is during a lazy day when there is pretty much nothing else to do as it’ll serve greatly as a chill-out strain.

Medical Effects

Darkstar strain relatively high THC level makes it of great value to medical cannabis users; for most medical users, it does well to relieve stress as well as an aid in managing anxiety issues, including depression and PTSD. Unfortunately, even at a 19% THC content level, its medical effects are not sufficient enough to aid those suffering from seizures and epilepsy.

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