Cherry THC Oil UK (RSO) – 677.79mg THC (1ml)


Cherry THC Oil UK (RSO) – 677.79mg THC (1ml)

Buy Cherry THC Oil UK (RSO) – 677.79mg THC (1ml) Online. As well as being extremely potent in THC, this oil is very rich in many other cannabinoids and terpenes which lends to what is called the “entourage effect”.  This medical THC Cannabis oil is the most diverse in its cannabinoid makeup we have seen to date – that is saying a lot!  We are not charging more than usual, we just wanted to let you know the rare gem this oil truly is.
Cannabinoid makeup (also seen in above linked lab report):
THC – 677.79 mg/ml
CBD – 14.43 mg/ml
CBG – 28.64 mg/ml
CBC – 4.41 mg/ml
THCV – 6.68 mg/ml
CBN – 6.77 mg/ml

1 ml syringe of super potent THC oil. Based on current labs this syringe contains 677.79mg/THC.

DO NOT ASSUME THIS BATCH OF OIL IS THE SAME AS A PREVIOUS ORDER.  We constantly get new batches in and update the lab work accordingly. Check your dosages each time you buy.

DOSE: ~738.72mg of TOTAL cannabinoids per 1ml.  Total amount of THC in 1 ml syringe is 677.79mg.


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