Champagne Weed Strain UK

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13 – 17%


0.33 – 1.21%


0.14 – 1.04%


Sage, Spicyherbal



Champagne Weed Strain UK

Buy Champagne Weed Strain UK – Champagne cannabis strain is a crossing of Hash Plant and a Kush strain that had been bred with Burmese cannabis strain. This weed has a 50:50 ratio of Sativa to Indica.

The THC levels range below 15% with CBD levels being below 1% making the Champagne strain ideal for both new and experienced weed users. It has a champagne-like flavor and aroma, with notes of sweet floral and earthiness. Champagne Weed Strain UK

The buds have a bright-green color with orange stands and a light frosting of crystals. The balanced effects of Sativa and Indica create an euphoric feeling and happiness. Champagne strain also clears the mind, alleviating stress and depression. Anxiety and some kind of pain can also be treated with this weed. Champagne weed strain can be used as both a nighttime and daytime strain. The adverse effects that have been reported are cottonmouth and bloodshot eyes. Other possible side effects are headaches, paranoia, and dizziness.

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