C13 Haze Weed Strain UK

C13 Haze Weed Strain UK

£11.00Per Gram

C13 Haze Weed Strain UK

£11.00Per Gram


18 – 19.5%


0.15 – 0.47%


0.15 – 0.64%


Earthy, Lemon




C13 Haze Weed Strain UK

Buy C13 Haze Weed Strain UK – It has a THC level that ranges between 15% to 20% and that is quite high, bringing some great effects. What is so special about this cannabis strain? Here is a detailed review of this weed outlining its goods and negatives of it:

Information about C13 Haze Strain

The C13 Haze is a hybrid of both Sativa and Indica but the latter is significantly less dominant. Sativa dominates this kush with a whopping 80% leaving only 20% for its counterpart.

Breeding this type of marijuana was nothing short of creative and a manifestation of ingenuity. The breeders sure did give their time when carefully developing this kush and the results were amazing.

History of this strain

As you might expect, the history of this weed lies in the two strains that were mixed to develop it. Those two strains that make up the lineage of C13 haze are Cannalope Haze and G13. Hence the name C13.

It was a shorthand of the two names mixed together. It was developed by DNA Genetics, a company very creative regarding developing new innovative strains.

Effects of this type of cannabis

The effects of cannabis are leaning towards the dominance of Sativa in them which entail:

  • Users will feel a huge burst of energy with both the mind and body feeling energized and motivated to undertake challenging tasks.
  • The focus of the users is also increased, making them handle more complex and analytical tasks.
  • You might also feel very sociable and that will prompt you to engage in conversation more easily and effortlessly.
  • After smoking it, users also feel happy and euphoric.
  • Creative individuals also like the improvement of their creative side.

Medical effects of the C13 Haze

There are many medical effects that the C13 Haze strain has on its users. Because of its effects, it has been used for the following medical conditions:

  • People suffering from mental and mood conditions such as bipolar disorder and depression can use this cannabis to treat these illnesses.
  • If you experience muscle spasms and fatigue, this marijuana can help treat these ailments.
  • Chronic pain and migraines also fall under the list of conditions treated by C13 Haze.
  • Other conditions include nausea, chronic stress and ADD/ADHD.

Side effects

Just like most strains, this one also has its own side effects but they are common across all types of cannabis. There aren’t any serious adverse side effects that have been reported about this particular weed.

The most common side effects are dry eyes and mouth, which are mostly reported on almost all types of weed. Users who are prone to panic may experience some difficulty when smoking this cannabis when doing so in an unfamiliar place.