Buy Notorious THC – THC Diamonds UK

£40.00Per Gram

Concentrate Type Diamonds
Strain Alaskan Thunder Fuck, GMO Cookies, Wedding Cake
THC Profile 95%+
Net Weight 1 gram
Dimensions 3.5cm x 3cm x 3.5cm

Buy Notorious THC – THC Diamonds UK

Buy Notorious THC – THC Diamonds UK Online.  Notorious THC uses organic, naturally grown, high grade cannabis plants to make their THC diamonds to ensure that you get a clean, potent and invigorating end product. You will 1 gram of THC diamonds stored in an airtight resealable glass jar, and it will ship to you in it’s original box packaging.

What are THC Diamonds (a.k.a. THCA Diamonds)?

THC diamonds are one of the newest marijuana concentrates to hit the market. They are amber in colour, have a beautiful crystal like shape and texture, and are known for their incredible potency.

They are made up of almost pure THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid), which is a cannabinoid that directly converts into THC when exposed to heat. THC diamonds are for the more experienced users as they have a stunning potency of 95% or higher making it the strongest and purest form of cannabis concentrates available. Because of their strength many users like to use small amounts of the diamonds as a mixer with bud or other forms of concentrates they are smoking, although they can definitely be just smoked straight up. THC Diamonds are also known as THC crystallines, THC-A diamonds and THC-A crystallines.

notorious thc

Alaskan Thunder Fuck

Type Sativa
Flavours Lemon, Pine, Mint
Effects Euphoria, Happy, Uplifted
Medical Appetite, Depression, Fatigue
notorious thc diamonds cookies

GMO Cookies

Type Indica
Flavours Coffee, Earthy, Fruity
Effects Euphoria, Happy, Relaxation
Medical Anxiety, Pain, Stress
notorious thc

Wedding Cake

Type Hybrid
Flavours Earthy, Pepper
Effects Euphoria, Relaxation, Uplifted
Medical Anxiety, Depression, Stress



Alaskan Thunder Fuck, GMO Cookies, Wedding Cake


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