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Buy Mayan Stamp Hash UK

Buy Mayan Stamp Hash UK Online. Mayan Stamp Hash is a true domestic hash produced with AAA+ cannabis flowers.

This dense and intense hash differs from traditional hash – it’s made using freshly harvested and frozen THC trichomes so.urced from various indica strains grown throughout BC which are then pressed with subtle heat and tremendous pressure creating a dense brick of hashish with a longer than average shelf life.

Once these beautiful bricks are pressed, they’re stamped with a seal of approval in the form of the Mayan God Kinich Ahau, who fittingly represents light, time, and heat. From there, the hash is cured in dark, optimal temperatures where the natural terpenes of different indica cannabis strains develop and enhance.

The aroma and flavor of Mayan Stamp Marijuana Hash are likened to that of OG Kush, or El Jefe – prominent notes of cedarwood, pine, and a slightly nutty spiciness combine to create a unique profile that’ll suit the tastes of any hash connoisseur.


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