Blue Candy Kush THC D8 Vape Cartridge UK


  • THC Delta 8 has all of the effects of Delta 9
  • Delta 8 is derived from hemp
  • Our cartridges contain Delta 8 Distillate + Terpenes
  • We offer different strains of THC Delta 8
  • D-8 THC products are 3rd party tested
  • Scannable QR Code to pull up the D8 Test Results

Blue Candy Kush THC D8 Vape Cartridge UK

Buy Blue Candy Kush THC D8 Vape Cartridge UK Online, This indica strain has a profile of tart citrus, sweet earth, and wildflowers. The effects of Blue Candy Kush are mellow and moderately sedating, stimulating appetite while weighing heavy on the limbs. This Cannabis strain offers a combination of strong physical effects and uplifting mental high which make it a perfect end-of-the-day strain and a nice match for folks contending with stress, restlessness, and pain.

Delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as Δ8THC, is one of the many cannabinoids that occur in cannabis plants. Think of it as the younger brother of the more famous THC, the major psychoactive component of cannabis.

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