Alien Technology Weed Strain UK



14 – 17.2%


0.36 – 0.68%


0.28 – 0.72%


Spicyherbal, Chemical



Alien Technology Weed Strain UK

Buy Alien Technology Weed Strain UK – Alien Technology Strain, with 19% THC and 0.6% CBD is an Indica-dominant weed with impressive effects. The origins are unknown, and it is one of the rarest weed strains to date, which is why it has never won any awards. The most common story about its apparition is related to a soldier coming back from Afghanistan.

The pure effects rely on sedative cannabis feeling, mixed with calmness, happiness, and uplifting mood. Alien Technology’s medical properties recommend it for chronic pain, and anxiety eliminates fatigue and fights stress. Alien Tech Strain can be grown by intermediate cultivators.

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