Abra Cadabra Hash UK

£20.00Per Gram

Abra Cadabra Hash UK

Buy Abra Cadabra Hash UK Online. Abra Cadabra is sativa dominant Cannabis with a relative potency. Abra Cadabra Weed hash has a very strong yet calming effect on your system. It produces a Sativa high that takes over your body and makes you feel highly energized as well as relaxed.

The high starts off chill and then turns into a peaceful sensation. It has a sweet aroma that has a strong dank odor. The taste of this strain is a little strange and is a blend of dank and earthy flavors.

The strain’s origins are unknown, magical-sounding Abracadabra — it seems to have materialized from thin air, or been pulled out of a large hat. Try this Hash today and prepare yourself for a magical experience!


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